Wine tourism in Bodega Matarromera,discovering its Essence

Wine tourism

There are iconic wineries around the world that every wine lover should visit at least once in their lifetime. One of them is Bodega Matarromera, located at the heart of Ribera del Duero, with stunning views over the whole valley. Its facilities, half buried in the hillside, serve as a nexus between mountains and vineyards, being the Duero River and the passage of time their witnesses.

The dissemination of wine culture and the privileged vision of our president Carlos Moro ensured that Bodega Matarromera was born with a clear commitment to wine tourism that should be enjoyed by visitors. Each of the elements that travellers will encounter during their stay at the winery have been painstakingly selected to convey the love for the land, the vineyard, and the wine. Each new detail is the result of the search for excellence in order to enhance the experience and achieve the goal of presenting an accessible winery.

Over the decades, Matarromera has perfected its wine tourism offer while maintaining its spirit, the Matarromera Essence that guides visitors into a privileged place enveloped in history, terroir, nature, heritage, and prestige... And, of course, internationally renowned quality wines. The present winery has been the result of a long and careful transformation project to adapt to the future and to wine tourists' new demands. To this end, Matarromera Essence has created new indoor and outdoor areas, including 'El Jardín Varietal', 'La Plaza de la Balconada' or the 'Sala de los Insignes', designed to disseminate the winemaking world from a fun and unique perspective.

Design comes to life at Matarromera to maintain and convey the true identity of the winery through the use of materials such as stone, oak or concrete. Innovation and differentiation shine through thanks to the areas, new concepts, furniture, and decoration, as well as the lighting, screening and sound systems. Its five tasting rooms enable completely independent and private events to be held simultaneously, adapted to each client.

Time stands still for visitors, who can enjoy a tasting session in front of the winery's historic bottle rack, one of Ribera del Duero's greatest collections, an area that brings back history, connects the past with the present and ensures the preservation of a winemaking style that has steered this house throughout its years of history.

Bodega Matarromera also provides visitors with a virtual insight into its facilities by means of the latest technology that has captured all its different areas with infrareds to offer an almost lifelike 4K-quality experience.

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