Vineyards Matarromera


Bodega Matarromera sits on privileged land. The vineyards are sheltered by the Duero Valley, between the municipalities of Olivares and Valbuena de Duero, where Matarromera makes its wines, vintage after vintage.

More than 160 hectares of almost white calcareous soils, in which the Tempranillo grape expresses itself with total elegance, are the starting point for winemaking magic to be unleashed. A small proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are also used by the winemaking team to achieve unique nuances, mythical notes, and unforgettable sensations.

Always in the hushed company of the Duero River, and in the shelter of the Castilla pine forests, Ribera del Duero clusters grow strong, depicting an idyllic landscape. It is this land that, with man's help, releases its millenary wisdom, its maximum potential of aromas and flavours and its capacity to linger long the memory of everyone who has the privilege of tasting its fruit.

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