VINESENTI H2020 (2014-2015)

New generation of high added value antioxidant food ingredients for gourmet cuisine (ID612208) – UE FP7

Basic Information

Vinesenti project from Abrobiotec
SME Facility, Horizon 2012 Programme from the European Commission
Project duration: 1 year
Sponsored by the Horizon 2020 Programme from the European Union, in accordance with the nº 673233 subsidy.
Partnership and subsidy budget: €50,000


The 2014-2020 Framework Programme seeks to tackle key challenges facing society, to promote industrial leadership in Europe and to reinforce the strength of its scientific platform by basing a large amount of its research and innovation work in the European Union.


To carry out a study on the viability of Vinesenti, a natural product created through the resource recovery of grape pomace, which was previously considered a waste product but is now recognized as a coproduct with high added value on account on its bioeconomy.


The Vinesenti project was chosen, among many other factors, on account of its European perspective regarding marketing and competitive assessment, its realistic account of the current development and added value of its innovation and for how it compares to the most cutting-edge established marketing solutions, by way of costs, environmental benefits, and ease of use, among other features. The project proposition was also recognized as possessing all the relevant resources (staff, facilities, networks, etc.) required to carry out its undertakings in suitable conditions.


The production and processing of eco-innovative foods that make effective use of resources