ENRICHMENT (2012-2015)

Developing a new product derived from wine-making by-products with enhanced health properties. Optimizing and scaling up the development process and studying its metabolism and effects on in vitro and in vivo models (IPT-2012-0130-060000). MINECO.

Basic Information

Project duration: 3 years
Total budget: €697,370.50
Company participation/investment: €488,749.20
MEMBERS: BMSL, Cial-Csic and the University of Salamanca


Matarromera Winery has successfully developed Esdor Cápsulas, a food supplement with enhanced antioxidant properties, built upon a formula that uses red wine polyphenol extracts.


The main aim of the present project is to develop a new product derived from grape extracts that is rich in polyphenols and in turn reaps greater health benefits, with the final goal of putting this product on the market.
In order to advance current knowledge on bioactive molecules present in food extracts and supplements, as well as their mechanisms of action in the human body, the present project seeks to create a cooperative channel between Matarromera Winery and the CIAL research centre at CSIC and the University of Salamanca.
This research study will allow for the identification of bioactive substances present in complex solutions of extracts and food supplements, as well as the establishment of guidelines to be followed in order to increase their concentration in the final product and improve the means of acquiring these ingredients.


Advancing knowledge of the composition of extracts, both universally and individually, through purification and fractioning techniques; carrying out in vitro and in vivo studies to assess the source of bioactivity in extracts; identifying bioactive compounds and the metabolites produced as a result of colonic microbiota and improving the processes involved in acquiring extracts with an increased concentration of bioactive compounds in the final product. Working with innovative in vitro and in vivo models, in order to further knowledge and understanding. To increase understanding of the effects of Esdor Capsules on human health and identify which of the polyphenol compounds present in the extract or derived from its metabolism are responsible for these positive effects.


Development and marketing of a new enhanced product with boosted bioactivity, which is therefore more competitive against other similar products found on the market.