The La Espadaña Restaurant in San Bernando brought Mexican cuisine to la Ribera del Duero during the region’s “Mexican Food Festival”, at the hands of the chef Ángel Eugenio Cervantes Fuentes.


Roberta Lajous Vargas, Mexico’s ambassador to Spain, and Carlos Moro, president of Matarromera Group, together with the renowned Mexican chef, launched this new initiative which, in the words of the ambassador “strives to bring the two countries and cultures together through the means of gastronomy” by calling on Mexican cuisine, which Ángel Eugenio Cervantes describes as “one of the most diverse in the world when it comes to its tastes and flavours, owing to the wide range of products it uses”. Carlos Moro presented the ambassador with Matarromera’s golden badge for her role in bringing Mexico and Spain ever closer together, uniting the two sister nations through culture, tradition, gastronomy and mutual support.


The Restaurant, situated close to San Bernardo in Valbuena de Duero, will be offering a Mexican menu, both for lunch and dinner, from 3 to 6 November and will feature daily special guest appearances, which include the likes of Oscar Puente, Mayor of Valladolid, Javier Ramírez Utrilla, the council of Castilla and León’s Head of Tourism and Tomás Burgos Gallego, the Secretary of State for Social Security. Priced at €35, the menu will consist of two dishes and a dessert, paired with wines from Matarromera. Reservations can be made over the phone by calling the Restaurant at 983683160.


Ángel Eugenio Cervantes Fuentes, who has dedicated 22 years to La Hostería del Ángel, his gastronomical locale in Zapopan, Jalisco, will be entrusted with winning over the hearts and palettes, of customers by rustling up mole sauce, pork chops, corn truffle, guacamole, tequila-marinated ceviche and bean soups, among much more.



Ángel Eugenio Fuentes

Born in 1956 in Zapopan, Jalisco, this chef has spent the last 25 years exercising his mastery and flexing his culinary muscles at la Hostería del Ángel and Fonda de Doña Gabina Escolástica, two restaurants that proudly stand the forefront of the gastronomical stage.


Originally opened in 1991 as Charcutería Montseny, the restaurant has since been reborn as Hostería del Ángel in June 1994, serving up the finest from Spanish Mediterranean cuisine. The establishment was recognised in 2006 as the best restaurant in the west of the country by Mexico’s President, Vicente Fox Quezada. The restaurant’s contribution both to European cuisine and tourism in Zapopan has also been recognised with a plethora of prizes and awards. Set up as a space committed to Mexican cuisine, The Fonda de Doña Gabina Escolástica was born in 1997 and has since enjoyed soaring success.


The successes of Ángel Eugenio Cervantes extend far beyond gastronomy to also encompass audio-visual, artistic and literary spheres. Having worked on radio, as both an actor and producer in theatre productions and as a war correspondent, alongside having three books under his belt and boasting a degree in Drama and Philosophy and position as a professor in Communication Sciences, Cervantes is a man of many talents.


The La Espadaña de San Bernardo Restaurant


The La Espadaña de San Bernardo Restaurant is situated in San Bernardo, Valbuena de Duero, in the very heart of Ribera del Duero, a mere 35km away from Valladolid. Almost on the very doorstep of the Emina Winery & Wine Museum, surrounded by the finest vineyards in Ribera del Duero, the restaurant offers traditional cuisine created with care and craftsmanship, serving classic Castillian cuisine paired with complementary dishes.


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