Next Sunday on 13 November, Matarromera Group will be celebrating European Wine Tourism Day by organising a variety of activities designed especially for the occasion in its wineries in Cigales, Ribera del Duero, Rueda and Rioja. Directed at lovers of wine and nature, the activities on offer will provide novel, sensory ways to experience the world of wine.


The Valdelosfrailes Winery, situated in Cubillas de Santa Marta in the DO of Cigales, until 13 November will be hosting their “Tasting session with a Winemaker” event which will offer visitors the opportunity to visit the winery and sample their wines, under the expert guidance of a Matarromera winemaker. This event is priced at €20 and includes a tasting with five wines from Valdelosfrailes.


In the Ribera del Duero Denominación de Origen, the Emina Ribera y Matarromera wineries will also be offering unique and exclusive events organized for those looking to tour and explore the wine world. The Emina Riberia Winery in Duero has a “Trip to Emina’s Roman Residence” lined up, during which visitors will, at the hand of a specialist guide, come to discover the origins, uses and customs of wine under the Roman Empire, as well as uncovering the strong sway that this period held over wine culture. On this trip visitors will be shown the Variety Garden, the Emina Wine Museum and the winery’s architecture, and also includes a tasting of the Winery’s most renowned wine, the Emina Atio Gran Reserva, and the organic Granza wine. Priced at €15 per person. At the site where it all began, visitors to the Matarromera Winery can this weekend enjoy a Cosmeti-tasting, which will offer the opportunity to discover prestigious wines from Matarromera, as well as ESDOR cosmetics which are made using a grape polyphenol base, endowing them with powerful antioxidant properties. This visit, costing €25, includes tours of the vineyard and winery, as well as a tasting of three wines, one white and two high-end reds, and the sampling of three cosmetic products.


In the DO of Rueda, namely in Medina del Campo, the Emina Rueda Winery will be home to two types of unique and exclusive wine-tastings, held in the mornings and afternoons respectively, until 13 November.


On the “Journey to the Renaissance Visit”, visitors will be able to learn in depth about the historical ties that Isabella I of Castile had with Medina del Campo, the town that witnessed the death of the Queen, as well as being where the monarch dictated her last will and testament.  The trip also includes the opportunity to discover how wines in the area were produced during this period. This visit includes a tasting of three white wines from Emina and two Oliduero olive oils and is priced at €10 per person.


Those in Medina del Campo will also be able to visit the Emina Rueda Winery for their “The Drink of Kings” event to learn about the origins of sparkling wines and the importance they held in French courts. For €10, visitors will be able to sample three wines from Emina Rueda, including two sparkling wines, and two Oliduero olive oils.


All those visiting this winery during these dates will automatically be entered into a ticket raffle for the chance to win a visit for two people to the Emina Ribera Winery.


The most recent winery to join Matarromera Group, the Carlos Moro Winery in the DO of Rioja, with its precise coordinates in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, will also be offering a special visit this weekend to their underground cellars, during which visitors will have the exclusive chance to sample wines directly from the American and French oak barrels in which they are produced. This event will be priced at €10.


Matarromera Group


MATARROMERA GROUP is one of the leading benchmarks on the oenological stage, both in its native Spain and abroad. Owing to its eight renowned wineries, the company enjoys immense international success and recognition, as demonstrated by the prestigious standing of their wines, spirits, olive oils, alcohol-free wines and high-end cosmetics range.


The group’s eight wineries span six Denominaciones de Origen (with Matarromera, Emina, Rento and Oxto situated in Ribera del Duero, Emina in Rueda, Valdelosfrailes in Cigales, Cyan in Toro and the Carlos Moro Winery in Rioja), with some of their wines even laying claim to certification from the Wines of Castile and Leon and Organic Wines classifications.


The wineries also boast a series of additional establishments and enterprises, such as the Oliduero Oil Mill, located in Medina del Campo in the vicinity of the Emina Rueda Winery; the Duero Distillery, the only such establishment situated right on riverside; the Rural Emina Hotel, and a typical Castillian restaurant, La Espadaña de San Bernardo, both found in Valbuena de Duero.


Today, when conversation turns to Wine Tourism, Matarromera is one of the most important wine-making corporations in this sphere, on both the national and international stage.

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