img00068-20110301-1306The company introduces Eminazero in Dubai as a pioneer drink and suitable for the muslim market.

 Matarromera Group was present in Gulfood, the most important food fair in the Arabic market.


The wine Group introduced Eminazero, a special product that, thanks to its null alcohol and caloric content, rises as a suitable drink for the muslim market.


Different importers and distributors from more than twenty countries in Middle East showed special interest this product, which is already present in many restaurants and supermarkets all over the world.


Because of Dubai´s market characteristics and thanks to Eminazero, Matarromera Group was the only winery present on this fair, attended by thousands of people.


Matarromera staff, leaded by CEO Carlos Moro celebrated in Dubai several commercial meetings to increase Eminazero international presence.