sin_alcoholMatarromera Group has taken a further step on its commercial strategy and has agreed with El Corte Inglés to include Eminazero on all its supermarkets and commercial centers.


Eminazero is a pioneer drink, introduced in a 200 ml can and in 750 ml bottle.


EMINAZERO is a carbonated beverage made from the best quality wine. Thanks to its complex and sophisticated design, it has no alcohol (it is the first wine drink with 0.0% alcohol content), and almost no calories, so it is configured as a highly safe and healthy product, incorporating all the benefits of wine, and eliminating its disadvantages. It has been created to a broad spectrum of people: from young people, to elderly men and women, or all those who because of health, belief or status, cannot enjoy the benefits of a product such as wine.

EMINAZERO is presented in four different varieties:

– EminaZero White: Made from the best Verdejo grapes from Rueda region
– EminaZero Red: Made with excellent Tempranillo grapes from Duero area
– EminaZero Rose: Made with Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes from Cigales region.

          Eminazero Sparkling: made with chardonnay and Verdejo grapes from Rueda area. Is the first 0,0% alcohol content champagne.